The ‘Secret’ to Great Sales Copy (That 95% of Copywriters Don’t Understand)

Want to know the secret to great copywriting?

It’s super simple. Well, simple in concept… slightly more difficult in execution.

But first, let me tell you what the secret is NOT.

It’s not copying Gary Halbert ads til you’re doubled over in pain with hand cramps.

It’s not reading Breakthrough Advertising a seventh time.

It’s not posting value bombs on Facebook so other writers can pat you on the back validate you with likes and attaboys.

I’m not knocking those things (actually, yes I AM knocking value bomb-posting)… but the other two definitely have their place.

Still, after a certain point – maybe 6 months, maybe a year – the returns from just studying copy flattens out. You need more than book learning and rote practice.

To make the leap from writing copy that sounds good to writing copy that effortlessly “enters the conversation in your reader’s mind” requires market mastery.

Market mastery means understanding your prospect at a 1-1 human level. It means knowing their hopes, fears, and desires at a granular level.

Not thinking you know, not making educated guesses, but actually knowing first-hand.

And how do you know? Well, by asking your audience.

Asking them via email survey… via phone interview… via comments solicited from your social media posts.

You start a dialog and constantly keep the pulse of your market. For any new funnel, any new offer or launch, you start a new dialog.

Ask the right questions, and the answers you get literally become your copy. It makes writing massively easier… your audience is basically doing the work for you.

Most copywriters think persuasive copy is all about tactics… but that’s only half the equation.

The foundation of great copy is research.

And research isn’t sexy. But it’s the closest thing I know to a “secret weapon” when it comes to copywriting.

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