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Email Sequence Teardown: Tipsy Elves

Sometimes, you just need a twerking Santa sweater in your life. And when you do, the place you go to find it is Tipsy Elves. Tipsy Elves was started in 2011 when the founders, “…realized in college that it was impossible to find unique, humorous and one-of-a-kind outfits to wear to the many theme parties we attended.” Aside from their trademark holiday-themed party clothes, Tipsy Elves is known for doing email marketing very well. The emails they send are irreverent, … Read more

Copy and Conversion #6

The Power of Story-Driven Content with James Schramko James Schramko is a renowned business coach, veteran podcaster, and best selling author. Simply put, James is the real deal. When I heard him speak at CopyChief Live in 2019, the advice he shared had a major impact on how I think about online business. His insights about succeeding online are clear, practical, and based on extensive first-hand experience. Join as James and I discuss copywriting, content marketing, and how to build … Read more

Copy and Conversion #4

The Art of Conversion Optimizationwith Ryan Thomas Ever wondered how conversion optimization works? My friend Ryan Thomas is here to explain it to you in full, granular detail. Ryan is a strategist at CXL Agency, where he helps his clients build scalable, profit-generating CRO programs. In this episode, he shares strategies, techniques, and insights from the cutting edge of web optimization.  “Whether an experiment wins or loses, there are important learnings… you’re learning the customer’s mindset and the context of … Read more

Copy and Conversion #1

Making it Rain With Ecommerce Email with Chris Orzechowski Chris Orzechowski is a sought-after copywriter, email marketer, author, and coach. In this episode Chris shares his take on storytelling in marketing, email automation, and the direction of ecommerce in a post-Covid world. “My philosophy for my entire copywriting career is, try everything and chisel away the stuff that you don’t like. After a while you’ll start to realize some projects gave you energy and some projects sap your energy.” – … Read more

Copy and Conversion #2

Growth Marketing Ecosystems with Sam Woods Sam Woods is a copywriter and growth marketing strategist with an impressive roster of clients in over 37 different verticals. Sam has worked with companies like HubSpot, Agora Financial, Authority Nutrition, and Predictable Revenue. Join Brad Wages as he and Sam discuss copywriting, marketing, sales funnel design, and more. “A funnel is not a single thing that you run once, and then it runs forever. There’s no such thing as an evergreen funnel. That’s … Read more

Copy and Conversion #3

Data-Driven Email Marketingwith Katie Thies As an email marketer, Katie Thies uses data-driven messaging to boost recurring revenue for her clients. In this episode, Katie shares insights on email marketing for ecommerce, conversion optimization, her personal copywriting style, and her marketing influences. “Number of customers, repeat purchase rate, and average order value. Those are the three big levers that you can pull… so we’re keeping those as top level metrics we’re trying to optimize for.” – Katie Thies In the … Read more

Copy and Conversion #5

Email Secrets From an Industry Veteranwith Daniel Deyette In this episode, I speak with email marketing pro Daniel Deyette. As an email veteran, Daniel has deep a knowledge of lifecycle marketing for ecommerce. He’s well-versed in the copy and messaging side, segmentation and automation, and even the technical aspects of building a custom delivery platform. Join as Daniel and I go deep on email marketing, market research, copywriting and more. “There’s a lot of agencies where every project is just … Read more

The Course Creator’s Dilemma…

Is simply this: How can you know your course idea is something people will actually want to buy? Not knowing if your hard work is going to pay off can cause you to hesitate and never finish your course… or to build your course, then launch it to zero sales or interest. Both are no fun, so how can you avoid this hurdle? Simple: you reverse the order you approach things. Instead of thinking you’ll build a course then find … Read more